Selibon shuts down waste incinerator after investigation outcome

KRALENDIJK – Selibon is going to take urgent measures to remedy the unhealthy situation for the residents in the vicinity of the Landfill near Lagun.

It is well known and has been widely publicized that residents are complaining about nuisance and health problems due to, among other things, the incinerator. As a responsible company, Selibon has already taken some actions in the past to alleviate the situation. Despite these actions, complaints from residents have increased.

To get clarity in the situation and to get a good insight into the risks to people’s health, Selibon has had an independent investigation carried out at its own expense. Dr Pieter van den Torn of EcoVision carried out this research on 6 and 7 February.

The results of the investigation are alarming and Selibon took immediate action. The incinerator was immediately shut down, pending a second investigation. Once the second report arrives, there will be a complete picture of the situation and Selibon will implement the measures on a permanent basis. Selibon has been making an inventory of the situation over quite a long period of time and has taken action in concrete phases. Now the preliminary results of the investigation must be taken into account and the next steps will certainly be taken with due care.

Conclusion of the study

We briefly summarize the results of the first study and come to the following conclusion. The residents in the area are exposed (controlled) to particulate matter and burning smell for approximately 6 hours on all weekdays. The other days they are exposed to (uncontrollable) intoxication due to stench and flue gases. However, this is an unpleasant situation that is not suitable for the residents to live in, but has been incorporated in the design of this project in one way or another. So it is not a question of wear and tear or lack of maintenance, but this has been there since the beginning. The dangers to health are great and must be put to an end in the short term.

Transparency as a source

Selibon stands for transparency and has already shown this on several occasions. It won’t be any different now. A meeting was immediately arranged with the residents to discuss the results of EcoVision’s research. On Wednesday, March 1, Selibon’s management will sit down with the Association Pro Lagun on this subject, emphasizing the steps that will be taken consequently. 

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