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SELIBON will conduct another study on air quality near incinerator

KRALENDIJK – From Monday, June 26 th to Wednesday, June 28 th , Selibon NV will conduct an air research at the waste incinerator in Lagun.

In the month of March 2023, Selibon NV conducted a study on the impact of the incinerator on the environment. The results of the study were so concerning that Selibon took immediate action. The incineration activities were halted, awaiting a second investigation.

In the meantime, Selibon has hired a European company to conduct the second investigation. Second investigation. The second investigation, known ‘emission measurements’ will take place soon. This investigation involves analysing the air emissions from the incinerator. It will be conducted from June 26 th to 28 th , 2023, at our Landfill in Lagun. Protea Ltd. is the company responsible for conducting this investigation.

On Monday, June 26 th 2023, some officials from the Supervision and Maintenance Directorate will also be present, along with some employees from Selibon NV, to oversee this investigation.

Selibon NV has already informed the residents of Lagun and the Asosashon Pro Lagun who is representing some of the residents of Lagun.


Results of the study are expected to be available within a period of 2 weeks. Once the results are known, all parties involved will be informed.

SELIBON says they apologize in advance for any inconvenience this investigation may cause to the residents of Lagun.

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