Solar Park Bonaire connected to electricity grid

The solar park ultimately is expected to contribute about 6 megawatts to the island's power supply in the long run. Photo: BBT

KRALENDIJK – According to a newsletter from Bonaire Fuel Terminals (BBT), the new solar park on the island has been successfully connected to the electricity grid. The solar park currently has a capacity of 1 megawatt.

The limitation of capacity is intentionally done to optimize the ‘Grid Energy Management System’ (GEMS). The goal is to ensure that this control system responds smoothly and efficiently to the variable generation of solar energy.

With the solar park’s connection to the network, the first steps have been taken to integrate renewable energy on a larger scale into Bonaire’s electricity network. The GEMS system will now be improved and closely monitored to ensure the expansion of solar energy capacity. If all goes according to plan, the capacity will be gradually increased to a maximum of 6 megawatts.


BBT is investing 10 million euros in the solar panel park, funded by a subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The distribution of electricity remains in the hands of WEB. The involved parties are optimistic about the solar park’s development.

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