St. Eustatius Unveils Historic Archaeological Marker: A Tribute to Golden Rock Plantation

The marker is the first of various, planned, along the new Airport Boulevard. Photo: GIS

ORANJESTAD- On November 16th, State Secretary for Kingdom Relations, Digitalization, and Social Housing, Alexander van Huffelen, joined Commissioner of Education Reuben Merkman and Commissioner of Infrastructure Arlene Spanner in unveiling the first Archaeological Marker on St. Eustatius (Statia). 

This significant marker, situated in the nearing-completion area of the Max T. Pandt Boulevard, commemorates the Golden Rock Plantation—a site where enslaved Africans lived, worked, and were laid to rest. 

Crafted from sturdy red steel and concrete, the marker, shaped like a diamond, extends almost 2 feet above the surface, symbolizing the bloodshed by enslaved Africans. The design choice is linked to a poignant line from the Golden Rock Song, Statia’s anthem. 


The marker, featuring a barcode for digital accessibility, was conceptualized by local civil servant Andre Brisett and constructed by the boulevard project contractor. Historian Raimie Richardson’s initiative plans to extend these markers to various archaeological sites across St. Eustatius in the future.

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