St. Eustatius wants more prosperity for residents

Continued development of tourism, better connectivity and more financing opportunities are high on Statia’s wish list. Photo: BES-Reporter. 

THE HAGUE/ORANJESTAD- The Government of Sint Eustatius wants to develop into an island with a high level of well-being where all citizens are healthy have equal opportunities to grow and develop (further). This can be read in a letter sent by State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen to Dutch Parliament on April 6, 2023. 

Economic prosperity development, according to the letter, should rake place on the basis of access to basic and social services security. “Sint Eustatius wants to be a scenic, sustainable and climate-neutral island and less dependent on fossil fuels and developments in the international energy market”, according to the economic vision described by Government as input for Van Huffelen’s letter. 

The island also wants to have a strong, professional and honest government organization and a sound budgetary and financial management guarantee the democratic rule of law. “To this end, a more efficient approach will also be considered functioning of the public administration and the associated administrative and executive power”.

When it comes to concrete economic ideas, which will enable the growth in prosperity, the island has indicated areas such as increased connectivity, a continued development of Tourism, the establishment of educational tourism, and clarity about the future of GTI.

Data accumulation

The Government of St. Eustatius is also pointing out that they are in need of better accumulation of data, based on which better decision can be taken. Another important part, as indicated by the input provided to Van Huffelen is better access to financing for local entrepreneurs. 

“There should be better access to (micro) financing for new and existing companies. The local Government supports with the help of business support organizations on the island. These services need to be improved and upgraded to continue the establishment of a business incubator which will provide a business location, a work location and so on for businesses”, according to the vision document compiled by Government.

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