St. Eustatius will get back Budget Right at the end of May

ORANJESTAD/THE HAGUE – At the end of May, the Island Council of St. Eustatius will regain the budget right. State Secretary Alexandra Van Huffelen has sent the draft Royal Decree to regulate this to the House of Representatives. He has until May 23 to respond.

Last week, the Island Council and the Executive Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which they commit to implementing the remaining points for improvement in financial management. The island will receive a contribution from Central Government in The Hague of 1.1 million euros to hire the expertise requested at its own request.


The return of the budget right is seen as one of the most important steps towards the restoration of local democracy, after the Dutch government sent the Executive Council and the Island Council home in February 2018 for alleged ‘neglect of duty’.

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