St. Maarten Youth Brigade receives Donation from Seven Seas Water Group

Members of the St. Maarten Youth Brigade, including project director Nelly Blaise, Seven Seas Water Group Managing Director Franklyn Richards and VKS commander, Alain Richardson .

PHILIPSBURG- The St. Maarten Youth Brigade has become the latest recipient of a donation made by the  Seven Seas Water Group (St. Maarten), destined to aid a youth empowerment program, implemented for at-risk and disenfranchised youth from the age of 12 to 21. 

According to Project Manager Jean Oneli Blaise, the St.Maarten Youth Brigade is a youth empowerment program that advocates strength, confidence and resilience. The group utilizes para-military techniques in developing skills of  local youth  people in  social, economic, cultural and governmental areas, realized through diverse educational programs. The brigade was established by the non profit The Voice of the Youth Foundation.

The youth brigade partners with the St. Maarten Police Force, the local Red Cross organization, the St. Maarten Fire Department, the VKS, the Coast Guard as well as Dutch Royal Marines for these programs, which are additionally meant to create and strengthen awareness of fundamental rights and to develop a sense of duty. The brigade hopes that these programs ultimately lead to encouraging an active and effective participation  in affairs affecting the St. Maarten community.


Seven Seas Water Group St. Maarten Managing Director, Franklyn Richards, says that assisting local entities and initiatives involving youth, education and nation building developments fit right into the company’s position on its corporate social responsibility. Richards notes that the aforementioned becomes even more essential during challenging financial times, when youth development programs need more attention instead of being ignored.

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