Starting November 18 motorists will be paying more at the pump

Starting November 18 motorists will be paying more at the pump

KRALENDIJK- After an announcement of a price hike on Thursday afternoon, which as recalled only a few hours later, the Government on Friday once against announced the expected price hike, which will go into effect on November 18. 

Government warns that the rates are expected to rise further in the coming period. This is mainly due to the so-called “Fuel supply guarantee” was not fully included in the tariffs of the past year. 


This provision is the surcharge in the fuel prices as a result of the situation at the refinery in Curaçao. Because there has been no operator on Curaçao for some time, but the refinery must remain partially operational for the fuel supplies of Curaçao and Bonaire. These extra costs are allocated to  fuel prices on the island. 

The current markup on Curaçao is 12.53 dollar cents per liter of petrol or diesel, but it has been much higher in the past year. The Government is currently investigating which surcharge should be included in the rates for Bonaire. 

In order not to fall behind too much with the payment of this surcharge and to prevent a large price increase in the future, a surcharge of 5 dollar cents per liter of petrol or diesel will be charged as of November 18. Government is still studying to what extent the margins on Bonaire should be increased.


The most notable increase will be regular gasoline which will go up from $1.24 to 1 dollar and 40 cents as of November 18. Strangely enough, there will be no increase in the price of cooking gas, which stays unchanged at 51 dollars and 92 for a big cylinder (100 lbs) and 11 dollars en 3 cents for a small cylinder (20 lbs).

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