State Secretary Uslu pays first visit to Saba

Commissioner Rolando Wilson presented a copy of the Saba Cultural Policy to Uslu during her visit to the island. Photo: Saba Government

THE BOTTOM- State Secretary of Culture and Media Günay Uslu visited Saba on Tuesday. During her visit the State Secretary visited various organizations on the island. 

Uslu and her delegation arrived on the last flight on Sunday, and started her official program the next morning with a meeting with the Executive Council, followed by a meeting with the Island Council at the Government Administration Building.

During the meeting with the Executive Council, Commissioner of Cultural Affairs Rolando Wilson presented the Saba Cultural Policy 2023-2030 to State Secretary Uslu. The Cultural Policy is a comprehensive document containing detailed information about the importance of culture on Saba and the specific areas that government wants to work on in the coming years. 

Site visits

The State Secretary also paid visits to -among others- the Library, Saba Comprehensive School and the museum. “I am impressed. It is a beautiful island and it has a lot of potential. There is so much history and heritage here. I was very happy to learn about Saba”, said Uslu at the end of her visit.

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