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Statia Gets 3.5 Million Euro for Erosion Prevention

As of late, erosion prevention has gotten a lot of attention on St. Eustatius, with the construction of water-catchment areas and preparatory work on The Cliff. Photo: GIS

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- A sum of 3.5 million Euro’s has been reserved in the so-called ‘regional envelope’ for the prevention of erosion on St. Eustatius. This is written in a letter from Minister Carola Schouten in a letter to Dutch Parliament.

“In 2018, Rijkswaterstaat was commissioned on Sint Eustatius to strengthen the coast with the contribution from the Regional Envelope. From this preparatory work was carried out. For the implementation in 2019, € 3.5 million has been made available in the Spring Memorandum”, according to Minister Schouten in her letter to the Second Chamber.

Minister Schouten writes that an inventory was made of the erosion projects on the island and an action plan has in the meantime been drawn up. The minister expects the formal tender to start in the first quarter of 2020, after the detailed design has been completed.

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