Statia (MPB): “Let’s Learn from what Aruba does right with US Tourism”

MPB Councilman Joselito Statia in yesterday’s Island Council Meeting.

Kralendijk- Member of the Bonaire Island Council, Joselito Statia (MPB) wants Bonaire to learn from Aruba’s experience when it comes to a gradual reopening of the borders for American tourism.

Statia said this on Monday evening during the debate about the Corona emergency ordinance promulgated by Island Governor Rijna.

According to Statia, a lot had gone wrong in Aruba with local Corona-virus transmission, but it was also important to pay attention to what went well. “The number of local infections may have gotten out of hand at some point in time, but when it comes to a responsible reopening for tourism from the United States, they are doing quite well,” Statia said.


According to Statia, it is important for Bonaire to look at Aruba’s experience and take advantage of it.

Although Bonaire still keeps its borders closed to tourists from the United States, there will have to come a time when the island will have to reopen the borders for this group of tourists.

Island Governor Rijna indicated that the reopening of borders for tourists and the neighboring islands is discussed on a weekly basis. He did however not mention practical criteria or the proposed policies when it comes to the admission of tourists from the United States or travelers from the neighboring islands.

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