STINAPA calls on divers to be careful due to potentially harmful coral disease

Red dots are better to avoid when going diving on Bonaire

KRALENIJK- Bonaire’s reefs are currently experiencing an outbreak of what STINAPA suspects is Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). SCTLD is a highly contagious disease that affects corals, leading to the loss of tissue and eventually killing the coral colonies. 

The disease was first identified in Florida in 2014, since then, it has spread to 22 countries in the Caribbean. The southern Caribbean was one of the last places where SCTLD had not been detected. With the recent outbreaks in other islands in the Dutch Caribbean, and now lastly Bonaire, it seems the disease has now spread throughout the entire region. The cause of the disease is still under investigation, but it’s suspected to be caused by a bacterial pathogen. 

STINAPA says they are collaborating closely with experts from both local and international communities to enhance our management of the situation. With a strong commitment to preserving our marine ecosystem. 

The nature organization also calls on divers to please follow the Marine Park rules and new SCTLD guidelines. STINAPA says they remain hopeful that our collective efforts will mitigate the impact of this disease and allow our corals to thrive. 

ArcGIS – BNMP Coral Disease Presence 2023-April-05

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