Strong Growth in Electricity Production Bonaire over last 10 years

Kralendijk – The amount of electricity produced in Bonaire has grown quite strongly over the last 10 years. This is noted from figures produced by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in a special publication on the 10th anniversary of the new status of the island as ‘Special Municipality’ under the Dutch Constitution.

In 2009 Bonaire produced 75.4 mln kWh of electricity and in 2019 this was 120.6 mln kWh, an increase of 60 percent. Of the total electricity production of 120.6 mln kWh in 2019, 32.5 mln kWh (27 percent) was renewable energy.

Most of the renewable energy (99 percent) was produced by wind turbines. Solar panels produced the remaining one percent. Over the past ten years the proportion of renewable energy was highest in 2014: 42.3 percent. Since then that proportion has stabilized around 30 percent.

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