Structural solutions for fuel storage Bonaire

 Photo: Harald Linkels 

Kralendijk– In the past there have been problems with the storage and supply of heavy fuel oil, gasoline, diesel and kerosene on Bonaire.

This year the situation was temporarily critical. The supply of fuel was limited, partly due to the seizure of BOPEC. A well-functioning energy supply and energy system is of great social and economic importance to realize this requires structural measures. That is why the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) and the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK), Infrastructure and Public Works (I & W) and Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK) form a taskforce “Long Term Fuel Supply Bonaire”. The public entity and the ministries are working together on a structural solution to the fuel storage problems on Bonaire.

Research reveals that the solution lies in the construction of new facilities for the storage of fuel. The construction will take about two years and it is important that the new facilities for fuel storage meet all safety requirements. They must also be managed adequately.

The construction of the new infrastructure will take place in 3 phases, specifically reconnaissance, planning and realization. A market survey is currently being conducted to opt for possible partners who want to participate in ownership, management and financing of the new fuel storage facilities. A cooperation contract will be entered into at the beginning of 2019. This will contain agreements about the roles, financing, process, permits, organization and a feasibility study.

The working group reports to a steering committee chaired by Governor Edison Rijna. The steering committee consists of commissioner Hubert Martis and representatives of the three ministries. The choice was made for an effective structure with clear starting points for all parties.

The following stakeholders are directly involved: BOPEC, WEB, Contour Global, Bonaire International Airport, Curoil, Oil Trading Bonaire N.V. and the Fire Department of Caribbean Netherlands.

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