Students Design Name, Logo for Saba Water Bottling Plant

Commissioner Bruce Zagers with the three winning students Zakiyah Lake, Trevon Johnson and Kaziah Lavia. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba- Zakiya Imani Lake of the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) and Kaziah Lavia and Trevon Johnson of the Sacred Heart School (SHS) are the winners of the logo and name contest for the new water bottling plant. Saba Splash will be the name that the plant and its products will carry.

Commissioner of Water Management Bruce Zagers welcomed the three young people and their parents at the Government Administration Building on Tuesday afternoon, July 9 for a short award ceremony. The Public Entity Saba organized two contests: one for the logo and one for the name of the new water bottling plant.

Zakiya (14) won the contest to design a logo based on the winning name, Saba Splash. Kaziah (9) and Trevon (12) individually came up with the identical name, Saba Splash, so both were considered winners. All three youngsters received a Kindle reading tablet and a one-month supply of drinking water when the water bottling plant opens next year. Construction of the building starts later this year.

Trevon explained how he came up with the name. “The theme is water, and when I think of water, I think of the beach. And when I am at the beach, I like to make a lot of splashes.” Kaziah thought of the splash one makes when jumping into the water. “I imagined someone jumping into the water. The water came up, it made a big splash, and in my head, I took a quick photo of it.”

Zakiya said she saw the contest as a good opportunity to explore her artistic skills. How did she come up with the design? “I thought of something different, something that didn’t exist as yet, and what the name Saba Splash could look like. The logo depicts the morning sun when it comes up, the waves of the ocean and the splash that it makes when the wave comes in. I am very happy that I won. It was a good experience for me.” Zakiya’s arts teacher Twan Robben was also present at the ceremony.

Commissioner Zagers explained in his short address that the water bottling plant will be good for the environment and reduce the amount of water bottles that have to be imported and recycled after use. At the water bottling plant, larger, reusable water bottles will be filled. Zagers encouraged people to accept and support this concept. He congratulated the three winners of the water bottling plant name and logo contest.

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