Study into feasibility of a Bonaire Development Bank

Kralendijk – At the request of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), a study was started this year into the feasibility of a “Bonaire Development Bank” (BDB). The research was conducted by RVO in close collaboration with Mindful Enterprises B.V., a Bonairean company. The research shows that Bonaire would benefit from a strategic transaction platform that could be a ’two-way channel’ on the island to the outside world and for the outside to the island. Building a unit would have a private-public structure, subsisting with a Regional Development Agency (ROM), where innovation, investment and international partnerships are central. An investment “BDB” would connect venture capital and execution power solutions with new forms of blended finance. This would provide additional financing and more implementation capacity for economic development on Bonaire. The research report is currently being finalized.

Source: RVO/Economische Nieuwsbrief

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