Stunning book published about Bonaire’s monuments

Photo: Wilna Groeneboom
Stunning book published about Bonaire’s monuments

On Wednesday Groeneboom will be signing her book at Captain Don’s Habitat

KRALENDIJK- Author Wilna Groenenboom has written a stunning book about Monuments on Bonaire, called ‘Monument Bonaire’. With 300 pages and 640 photos, the work is the first comprehensive reference work on the architectural styles of the built heritage on Bonaire.

Groeneboom by means of her book hopes to contribute to the preservation of the beautiful heritage of the island. The author will present the photo book to the public this week.

The first part of the book provides an overview of seven local architectural styles, up to about 1970. This describes a period of about two hundred years, illustrated with old black-and-white photos and contemporary color photos. Each architectural style is provided with a technical drawing. In addition to the general description per architectural style, often houses, the author has literally and figuratively highlighted one building. Sometimes we are even allowed a look into the interior.

Function and use

The second part tells more about the function and use of the buildings. It covers government structures such as Fort Oranje, Mangazina di Rei and the old hospital. It also discusses the island’s twelve mansions. Of course, churches and schools should not be missing. The centuries-old link with the sea is discussed in a discussion of the lighthouses, the picturesque fish market and a few other buildings. A detailed and illustrated overview of the building materials and construction techniques is the final piece. A historical overview puts the developments of the architectural styles in the perspective of the island’s history.


Wilna Groenenboom will present and sign her book on Wednesday 27 October from 7.30 pm at Captain Don’s Habitat.

Monument Bonaire is published by Blue Jay Holding BV. The book was made possible in part thanks to a financial contribution from the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribbean Area and several other sponsors.

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