TCB director Mercera speaks about sustainable tourism at aviation conference Aruba

ORANJESTAD- The director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB), Miles Mercera, discussed the importance of sustainable tourism at the aviation conference ‘Flight to the Future’, which will be held in Aruba this week.

Mercera started with an exploration of what should be understood by sustainable tourism, because that is not always clear. According to Mercera there are many definitions, but in his opinion the essence is that the population should be involved in the development of, among other things, tourism.

“It is nice that we talk about solar panels and electric flying, but it is also important that the most important factor, humans, is included in the developments”. According to Mercera, the danger that at some point the discussion will only turn to investments that are needed, without fundamental questions about how, for example, employees in the tourism industry are treated. “Can he live on what we generate with tourism?”.

Mercera also sees the danger that fewer and fewer young people are opting for a career in tourism.


Mercera spoke about the ways in which Bonaire tries to attract a different type of tourist, such as having visitors sign the Bonaire Bond, but also by introducing the Tourism Entry Tax, so that the island can be sure that it also earns from tourism.

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