Temporary setup ensures baggage delivery during installation of new baggage belt at Flamingo Airport

Matthew (r) and Clemencia (l) provide the press with a behind-the-scenes look at the temporary setup for baggage delivery to arriving passengers. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – A temporary system for delivering baggage to arriving passengers ensures that they can leave the airport within an acceptable time frame despite ongoing renovations. The temporary setup is necessary during the installation of a completely new baggage belt in the arrival hall.

Operations Officer Gregorio Matthew and Manager Landside Maintenance Edelson Clemencia provided an explanation on Monday morning about the temporary setup and the necessary work to ensure smooth passenger flow. 

For this purpose, an entire brick wall was removed to set up the temporary installation and allow passengers to access their luggage. According to Matthew, the delivery of bags using the temporary, and mostly manual system takes slightly longer than usual. “Nevertheless, even during the busiest times, we were able to ensure that everyone received their luggage within an hour, with multiple large aircraft arriving simultaneously,” said Matthew.


In addition to increased personnel to place all the luggage on the temporary setup, hostesses are also deployed to guide passengers to the temporary exit.

It is expected to take another two weeks before the new baggage belt can be put into operation.

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