Ten years of dialysis on Bonaire

Ten years of dialysis on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – On April 20, the hospital of Bonaire commemorated the fact that Bonaire has had a dialysis department for 10 years now. Before that, patients had to go to Curaçao for their treatment.

Bonaire currently has 32 dialysis patients. Dialysis is necessary for them to stay alive, but the patients do experience side effects from their therapy. Many patients therefore say: “Dialysis is not living, but survival”.

Johanna Cicilia and Biniano Emerencia are patients who used to travel to Curaçao for their treatment. For six years, three days a week, out in the morning and, if things go wrong, only back to Bonaire in the evening. Both believe that more awareness among the population about kidney problems is important. Patient Narcissa Castillo also agrees. “Take Good care of your body and especially your kidneys. Try to live as healthy as possible!”


Kidney disease still has a major impact on patients’ lives, their ability to work and to socialize. A fluid intake restriction does not only mean being thirsty very often, but also that you have to decline drinks, because the limit of one litre is soon reached.

Support and understanding from family, friends and the whole environment is important for a kidney patient. 

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