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The Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN) needs translations in various languages. The language areas include English, Papiamentu/o, and Spanish, with Dutch as the source language. Examples of documents requiring translation include advertisements, websites, (public) policy documents, press releases, and complex legal texts, possibly with a high risk of detriment. These tender places additional emphasis on:

– Knowledge of the relevant language and the administrative environment; – Experience and handling of (politically) sensitive information;
– Dealing with the urgent nature of some translation assignments.

Often, the translations requested have a recurring nature and are required multiple times per year.

RCN is seeking suitable institutions and translators to fulfil these needs. Therefore, RCN is initiating a National Public Tender for Translation Services.

If you are interested, please register before the 7th of December 2023 (12:00 PM) via You will receive the official documents no later than the 12th of December 2023. Your submission must be received by the 23rd of January 2024 (12:00 PM).

For more information about this tender, you can visit:

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