Tensions Rising at Statia Fire Department

Various employees of BKCN St. Eustatius are not willing to continue working overtime without due compensation.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Tensions are high and rising among employees of the Fire Department (BKCN) in St. Eustatius, after Management made it know that former compensation for extra hours worked, would no longer apply.

According to Charles Woodley, from the All for 1 (AF1) union, the employees of BKCN are quite upset about the situation, and especially the way things are being communicated. “A letter was send out by BKCN in Bonaire stating that not only would the employees be compensated like they always were for overtime, but that hours paid would retroactively be corrected. How can that be”?

No consultation

Both the employees in question and the union are irked about that fact that no prior consultation has taken place with the workers in question. “It seems that is just a unilateral decision made by the organization and this cannot be”, Woodley told the BES-Reporter.

The unilateral decision by BCKN Management has been reason for a number of employees to no longer work overtime, as they previously did. The first affected shift was the afternoon shift on Sunday, March 1. As things stand, Woodley expects employees of more shifts to refuse working overtime, without clarity about the issue of financial compensation for extra hours worked.

No immediate response from BKCN

The BES-Report took contact with communication advisor for BKC, but an immediate reaction could not be obtained about the situation.

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