Tera Barra raises money for shredder and starts composting

Tera Barra is very happy with the new machine which will be instrumental in de production of compost

KRALENDIJK- Tera Barra has managed to raise the money needed to purchase a coveted large wood chipper.

In July of this year, volunteer Rob Verbaten set up a crowdfunding project in collaboration with the foundation to purchase the shredder. The target amount of USD 20,000 was achieved with the help of dozens of donors, including 2 large gifts after an article on

The shredder is now ready for use on the kunuku at Tras di Montaña and the first branches are being processed. A next step in the project is to encourage gardeners to deliver collected pruning material to Tera Barra free of charge.

Until now, Bonaire does not have large amounts of compost, which is badly needed for growing trees and plants and carrying out green projects on the island, but also on a smaller scale for planting greenery in gardens. The costs of importing compost or potting soil have increased enormously in recent years. That is also why it was urgent for Tera Barra to start producing compost locally.


The Tera Barra Foundation is working on a greener Bonaire through large-scale cultivation of local tree species, mainly the rare and protected species. On the 5-hectare site of Tera Barra, a publicly accessible educational ‘native garden’ / botanical garden is being developed with a visitor center where all native tree species of Bonaire are planted and can be viewed.

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