The Bonaire Public Library will receive books as a gift

The Bonaire Public Library will receive books as a gift

Kralendijk – The Public Library on Kaya Corona has received nearly 140 books from the Netherlands as a gift. The person who gave the books as a gift is Hans Michels, who has great memories of Bonaire. At the Public Library Bonaire they are very happy with the new books from the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, Hans Michels sold the books from his collection online through a web shop. Now that this is no longer possible, Michels has decided to donate part of his collection to the Bonaire Public Library. It concerns different types of books. Novelle, detective, children’s books, nature, and history books. People who like to work in the kitchen can use the cookbooks. The donated collection also includes art books and craft books, as well as philosophical and esoteric study books. In addition, English and German books are also included. Hans Michels has taken on all transport costs to transport the books from the Netherlands to Bonaire.

When all the books have been registered at the Public Library of Bonaire, they are placed on the loan racks so that members can borrow them. Everyone who is not yet a member is invited to come by so that they can also enjoy the available books. With this service, the Bonaire Public Library makes it possible for young and old to increase their knowledge in various areas.

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