The Executive Council acknowledges the backlog in infrastructure maintenance

KRALENDIJK – Since 2019, residents of Kaya Gurubu have rightly been drawing attention to the overdue state of maintenance of their street. The current government recognizes the overdue maintenance of the infrastructure. The newly formed executive council, recently inaugurated, has prioritized this issue and is actively working on a plan of action.

Deputies Anjelica Cicilia and Nina den Heyer recently personally visited Kaya Gurubu and spoke with one of the residents. The situation on the ground is an example of the broader challenges the island faces in terms of road maintenance and infrastructure.

“We fully acknowledge that there is a substantial backlog in the maintenance and improvement of the infrastructure, and we are determined to bring about change,” said Deputy Anjelica Cicilia. “Currently, we are compiling a list of streets that require extra attention in the short term. We will work step by step to improve the infrastructure and, indirectly, the living environment.”

The new executive council realizes that there is no time to lose and is working diligently to establish a priority list. It is understandable that the frustration among residents is significant, but the deputies assure that action is being taken to address the issues and implement the promised changes.

The deputies encourage residents to be involved and will communicate transparently about the progress of the action plan. Soon, an official reporting point will be established where residents can directly communicate with the government about the overdue maintenance of our infrastructure. “This is a joint effort to improve the infrastructure, and we invite the community to work together with us towards a better living environment that we can all be proud of.”

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