The priorities of the Executive Council is to fill high-level vacancies at government-owned companies.

Photo: Nico van der Ven

Kralendijk – Many positions in management boards and supervisory boards of government entities have been left vacant for years. Because in many cases it concerns facilities that are crucial for society, the Executive Council finds this irresponsible.

“I have just received the first progress report. The consultants call the many vacant top positions not only undesirable, but also downright alarming because it concerns facilities that are vital for the daily life of the citizens of Bonaire. This is in line with the vision of the BC. We made an inventory immediately after we took office and started looking for qualified commissioners, “said Tjin Asjoe.

An assessment is currently taking place into the operation and structure of all ten government-owned companies and five foundations that fall under the Public Entity Bonaire. This assessment results from the Administrative Agreement that the Public Entity has negotiated with Raymond Knops, State Secretary for Kingdom Relations. The assessment that includes interviewing stakeholders is conducted by the crmLiNK agency which started in May and will present a final report in September. CrmLiNK’s assessment focuses on how the Executive Council interacts with each other in its role as shareholder and the boards of government entities.

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