The Public Entity of Bonaire is taking measures to improve the housing market

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council (BC) has set up a task force, which will tackle the issue of short-term home rentals in residential areas where this is not permitted. The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) will be enforcing this emphatically in the immediate future.

Affordable housing is in high demand on Bonaire. In recent years the house and rental prices have gone up considerably. The Executive Council is concerned about this development. This is the reason why it is taking various measures, which will make more affordable rental housing available to residents.

Preventing short-term rentals of homes to tourists is one of the measures that should lower the prices on the housing market. In most Bonaire neighborhoods it is not allowed to rent out homes for a short-term stay. It is only permitted in certain areas that are detailed in the Bonaire Spatial and Development Plan. It is only allowed to rent out houses or apartments for a period of less than three months in areas that have the designation ‘Recreation-Overnight Recreation’, ‘Mixed-1’, ‘Mixed-VI’ and ‘Mixed-To be established I’. In all other areas it is not permitted.


The reason why only a few specific areas have been designated as such is that the government aims to create neighborhoods with a sense of community in which people will be living for an extended period of time. The residents will thus be able to get to know each other, children will be able to make friends there and generally people will look after each other.

Renting out homes for short-term stays often yields more money than renting them out long- term. Consequently it is becoming increasingly difficult for residents to rent a home, as fewer houses are available and the rents are higher.

Finally, another reason is that research has shown that tourists who stay in a hotel or a resort spend more money. This creates more employment opportunities because guests in hotels and resorts are offered more services.


By establishing the task force, the OLB wants to take explicit action in the period ahead against short-term rentals in areas where this is not permitted. Recently, home owners in several neighborhoods, who rent out their homes for the short term, have been notified of this. Real estate agents and civil-law notaries have also been informed about the current policy and have been requested to advise their clients accordingly. 

Link to Bonaire Spatial Development Plan:

On the map, different colors mark the different areas and there is a possibility to zoom in. The specific areas may be clicked on and then the designation of that area is displayed. If an area has the designation ‘Recreation-Overnight Recreation’, ‘Mixed-1’, ‘Mixed-VI’ and ‘Mixed-To be established I’, then short- term rentals are allowed there. They are not permitted in any other area. 

It is only allowed to rent out houses and apartments for less than three months in areas that are designated ‘Recreation-Overnight Recreation’, ‘Mixed-1’, ‘Mixed-VI’ and ‘Mixed-To be established I’. It is not permitted in any other area.

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