The Supervisory Board intervenes in situation at Scholengemeenschap Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The Supervisory Board (RvT) of the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) has taken a number of measures to calm down the unrest that has arisen within the educational institution.

The unrest was partly caused by a decision by the president of the Executive Board, Klaske Apperloo, to relieve the interim director of the MBO of her duties with immediate effect.

As part of the intervention, Apperloo will not be present at school for the coming period and the administrative tasks will be performed by two unit directors. The interim director of MBO, who is on maternity leave, has agreed to resume her duties early.

The Supervisory Board spoke intensively with all unit directors last week and also had contact with the Joint Participation Council and the MBO team leaders. “Furthermore, we will talk to more stakeholders to get a good picture of the events, the state of affairs and possible risks for the school: the interests of the school and the restoration of peace are paramount,” said a chairman of the RvT Riet Sealy signed writing.

Act where necessary

The Supervisory Board also emphasizes in its letter that the Supervisory Board will act where necessary. “The Council considers it of the utmost importance that the primary process, teaching pupils and students at school, continues unabated and in its decisions it constantly focuses on the interests of the SGB and everyone who works and follows education there.” according to the press release issued.

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