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Three KPCN employees arrested in criminal investigation

KRALENDIJK – In a criminal investigation conducted by the National Criminal Investigation Department into a violent incident, three employees of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) were arrested today, Monday, the 13th of May. They are suspected of assault and forgery/perjury.

The KPCN previously started a disciplinary investigation following a recent violent incident involving members of the force. Signals of integrity violations in relation to this incident emerged from both internal findings and from citizens of Bonaire. The force takes these types of signals very seriously and therefore started the disciplinary investigation. After finding criminal components in the disciplinary investigation by the KPCN, consultations took place with the Public Prosecution Office (OM). The Public Prosecution Office then transferred information about the case to the National Criminal Investigation Department. This led to a criminal investigation and the three arrests were made this morning. Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, no further details can be provided at this time about the violent incident in question, the involvement of the employees and the investigation itself.

Despite the fact that only limited information can be shared at this stage so as not to harm the criminal investigation, Chief of Police Alwyn Braaf would like to emphasize that the force leadership team intervenes when there are signals of integrity violations. Braaf: “Integrity is the basis of good police work. As the police, we serve society and members of the force serve as an example. Something for which they took an oath or promise when they were appointed. Society can therefore expect us to act carefully and adequately, to take responsibility for this and to be transparent about it. We take signals of actions that are not appropriate or compatible with a position in the police seriously and will investigate it thoroughly. We will of course await the outcome of the investigation, but as the police leadership team we can already say that we will take decisive and strong action against inappropriate and/or punishable behavior.”

In addition to the current investigation, the force will also make efforts to prevent undesirable situations in the future to ensure that society can rely on an honest organization in which the well-being and safety of citizens always comes first. “Professional and binding action by members of the force towards citizens is crucial to guarantee our legitimacy as a police organization. We therefore owe it to society and our own colleagues to actively work as police leadership team to prevent integrity issues and to intervene if necessary. The realization that we as an organization still have steps to take in the field of integrity is painful, but we do not shy away from it. On the contrary: we want to take those steps,” says Alwyn Braaf.

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