Three Statian residents naturalized as Dutch citizens

Photo: L to R: Alida Francis, Samuel Herera, Emmanuel Sosa Lara, Luis David Jimenez Carela and Marnix van Rij.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – On Thursday August 20th three Statian residents were naturalized as Dutch citizens in a special ceremony in the Vincent Astor Lopes Legislative Hall. On behalf of the Kingdom Government, Government Commissioner, Marnix van Rij, and Rient Hassell, Head of the Cabinet officiated the naturalization ceremony of Emanuel Sosa Lara (19), Luis David Jimenez Carela (22) and Samuel Herrera (19). “On behalf of our entire island we welcome you into our society as our newest Dutch citizens. We are happy you have chosen this step and are confident that you will continue to take your place in our society”, stated van Rij.

The naturalization ceremony is, as required by law, a very important and final step in the process of becoming Dutch citizens. Without this ceremony, the process could not be completed. As an important part of this ceremony the Government Commissioner summarized what the new role in the Statian society will be henceforth. “As our newest Dutch citizens, you will soon bear some additional responsibilities. You will accept as a Dutch citizen the responsibility to be loyal, not only to the community of St. Eustatius, in which you now live, but to the Dutch kingdom of which you will now become a citizen”, van Rij.

Van Rij further elaborated that as a citizen it is also important that one seeks to inform themselves regarding all laws and legislation that govern, not just their rights as Dutch citizens but also their obligations to the wider community. An informed citizen is an effective citizen and effective citizens add value to a community. The three Statian youth received the Royal Decree, which formally establishes that they are now Dutch citizens. Afterwards they were pinned by Deputy Government Commissioner. Alida Francis.

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