Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) Highlights Bonaire during TUI at Home 12.5 Year Anniversary 

The TCB team got ample opportunity to tell Travel Agents about Bonaire as an attractive tropical destination. Photo: TCB

PARIS, FRANCE- From November 13 to 15, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) had the opportunity to give an exclusive presentation to 120 independent travel advisors (ZRAs) from TUI during their 12.5 year anniversary of TUI at Home event. 

The meeting, which took place at Disneyland Paris, marked a unique opportunity for TCB to personally connect with these travel professionals and put the beautiful island of Bonaire in the spotlight.

The event provided TCB with an excellent opportunity to present Bonaire as an ideal destination for travelers. By communicating directly with TUI’s independent travel advisors, TCB hoped not only to strengthen ties with TUI, but also to increase Bonaire’s brand awareness. As the only destination, Bonaire was a standout presence that attracted considerable attention. Present from TCB were Miles Mercera – Director, Marjolein Oleana – Business Manager & Europe Liaison and Elesier Angel – Cruise & Project Coordinator.

The independent travel advisors, who are a crucial link between travel destinations and clients, were an essential audience for TCB. The direct contact this group has with clients makes them a valuable partner in promoting Bonaire as a unique and attractive destination. TCB recognized the value of partnering with independent travel advisors and considered this presentation as a strategic move to promote the island in a personal and effective way. The event allowed the independent travel advisors to learn first-hand about the charms and unique features of Bonaire, making them better able to advise their clients on this special destination.

During the presentation, TCB explained the special features of Bonaire, ranging from breathtaking natural beauty to rich cultural experiences and diverse recreational opportunities.


TUI’s 12.5-year anniversary in Disneyland Paris not only offered a festive atmosphere, but also an ideal setting to strengthen the collaboration between TCB and TUI. Bonaire’s prominent presence as an invited destination during this anniversary event has helped strengthen the ties between both organizations.

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