Tourism Corporation selects IBIS Management Associates for introduction Tourism Tax Payment System

KRALENDIJK- The Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has decided to partner with Curaçao-based IBIS Management Associates (IBIS) for the development of the system that will ensure the collection of the so-called tourist tax.

TCB states that in September 2021 they submitted a Request for Proposal to various companies, for which the organization also received various offers. According to TCB, it has installed an internal committee of several professional representatives to select the best partner for the job, based on a list of predetermined criteria. The tenders received were assessed on the basis of, among other things, available knowledge, action plan, strategy and methodology and relevant experience, quality of the professional staff assigned to the project and the budget.

TCB says IBIS serves more than 40 financial institutions and companies in the Caribbean and Central and South America. “The commitment of IBIS to this important project for Bonaire is based primarily on the requirements and complexity of this new tourist tax platform, as well as on IBIS Management’s previous experience in providing secure government and travel portals. IBIS also specializes in profitable efficiency, instant payment processing, digital banking and online security,” the TCB said in a press statement.


The reluctance of the TCB and therewith Commissioner f Tourism Hennyson Thielman when it comes to providing openness about the process and the chosen candidate has already led to considerable criticism within the Island Council and beyond.

For example, the Waddencard Foundation is threatening a lawsuit against the TCB, because they would have used information from the Foundation in the process to prepare for the introduction of the new tax, while it eventually went into business with another provider. understands that there are even more parties who are dissatisfied with the way in which the project has been handled by TCB.

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