Unacceptable Littering Led to Bottle Dumping Incident

According to the owners of Hi-5 and Yummy Tummy, the amount of littering is incredible, as can also be seen on this picture.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- The incident with the resident throwing a number of bottles in a public area, on which the BES-Reporter reported yesterday, has led to a reaction from the side of the owners of Hi 5 Supermarket and Yummy Tummy restaurant. The BES-Reporter also spoke to the resident in question.

“We firstly would like to offer our sincerest apologies for what transpired. We have absolutely no excuse to defend the rebellious reaction of Sebastiaan (the resident shown in the original article, editor), and we would definitely not encourage any of you to handle a similar situation in the same manner. For sure, he realizes his error, and has learnt his lesson to not to let his emotions get the best of him”, according to a statement of Iris Liu on her Facebook Page.

Sebastiaan Keijzer added that while he had acted in a ‘spur of the moment’ action, he wanted to stress the fact that the terrain in question where the bottles had been dumped, was not a public road.


According to Liu, ‘Yummy Tummy Bar n Restaurant’ has been closed since April 1, 2020. Liu said that during this time, it was still important to the owners to keep the premises and surroundings clean as much as they could.

“Since April of this year, we have been having issues with guys (mainly, but not limited to workers on the road projects next to us) chilling by the porch and just leaving their trash behind (trash that may include stuff that they buy from our supermarket or not)” according to Liu.

Liu also stated that both management and employees of the business had spoken to the persons in question on numerous occasions, about taking along their trash. They were told that it’s not an issue if they want to hang out on the porch of the restaurant, to get shade from the hot sun during their breaks.

“All we asked is before they leave, just walk a couple steps to throw the garbage to the bin in front of the supermarket!” According to Liu, the issue was also taken up with the Supervisor of the projects being executed nearby, but to no avail.


The owners of the establishments write that, based on feedback from the community, they now realize that are were not the only citizens or business owners who are experiencing these issues with trash being dumped or left on their property.

“This is very unfortunate, and we hope that a solution will soon come for all involved.We have discussed this issue internally with our staff, to come up with solutions on how best to move forward. We do however believe that if the other party also makes a step, this could also be easily avoided”, according to Liu.

Liu also stated that the problem was discussed with the authorities all the way back to August 27, 2020, but that nothing had changed.


Among others in response to the article in question, The BES-Reporter was approached by various readers who -although not defending this particular action- pointed to the general problem with littering on the island.

In spite of the fact that there is now a professional Waste Management Company on the island, the problem is very persistent. It can quite often be seen that residents leave garbage thrown in the nature or even tourism sites, even when there is a garbage container on the site in question.

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