Vaccination Campaign Bonaire still not picking up Much Speed

Kralendijk- Residents of Bonaire are increasingly critical of speed with which the vaccination campaign is taking place. After nearly a full month since the start of the campaign, a total of 2477 people have been vaccinated at least once, which represents about 12% of the total population.

There are 198 people who have been vaccinated twice. This represents not even 1% of the total population. If the current pace were to continue, it would take at least till December 2021 for everyone to have received a single shot.

So far, registration for the vaccination has only been open for those 60 years of age and up. For those younger than 60 not even a tentative date for registration to be vaccinated has been communicated.


There is a growing concern among the population about the snail pace with which the vaccination is taking place. There are also rumors as to the reason behind the slow progress, which would have to do with the fact that Bonaire and Government in The Hague are not on one line about the further setup of the campaign.

While at first there was much concern about the fact that not many people were interested in receiving the vaccine, there is now also a growing concern among those that do, but simply are not allowed to register as of yet.

Another fact which is peculiar, to say the least, is that it is especially the younger age group which is affected most by the current wave of infections, but they are the last to be vaccinated. Local government has been quite mum on the whole process over the last week.

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