Van Huffelen speaks to Antillean professionals about hurdles returning to islands

Paul David Romo (Bonaire) and Edrienna Brandao (St. Eustatius) were present from the BES islands.

THE HAGUE- Earlier this week, State Secretary Van Huffelen (BZK) met various professionals from the islands, living in the Netherlands, to discuss the problem of the many young people who leave the islands go to study abroad and then never return to their respective islands. According to Van Huffelen, this is a missed opportunity for the islands.

“Yesterday I met a group of ambitious people with a connection to the islands about their experiences and possible solutions. Together we looked at how we can ensure that young people from the islands here in the Netherlands can land well when they want to study here and then how we can make it worthwhile for them to go back afterwards,” said the State Secretary.


According to Van Huffelen, it is clear that there is a great need for data and information. Data can be used to map out the current situation and where the needs lie. In addition, according to the State Secretary, it is important to inform the islanders much better what is possible and what consequences different choices have.

“There is a lot of talent that is not getting the chance they deserve. We have to think sustainably and especially in terms of possibilities,” said Van Huffelen about the meetin

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