Consumer Affairs

Van Huffelen worried about High Food Prices on St. Eustatius

Van Huffelen admitted that prices on the island seemed very high. Photo: Dick Drayer.

ORANJESTAD- State Secretary Alexandra Van Huffelen, at the end of her visit to St. Eustatius expressed concner about the high food prices on the island.

“I realize that food prices are very high on the island and that it is an area of concern. I was able to see for myself when I stepped into one of the stores, that a jar of Peanut Butter cost 8 dollars and 65 cents. That is expensive”.

Van Huffelen said that while she had no immediate answers to many of the concerns of residents on the island, she would definitely look at the various issues to see how solutions could be found.


The State Secretary also pointed to the importance of local production. “When you produce locally, these products don’t have to come all the way, which could lead to lower food prices”.

Van Huffelen added though, that if locally grown products were just as expensive as the ones brought from abrought, this would not be of much help.

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