Van Putten about Mediation Process: ‘Both sides must be willing to compromise’

Councilman Van Putten Calls for Urgent Central Committee Meeting to discuss tensions in Housing Foundation Board

ORANJESTAD- Island Council member Clyde van Putten said over the weekend, that the mediation process between the Government Commissioners and members of the Island Council, which is slated to begin on Monday March 7, 2022 will be hinged by and large on the willingness of both parties to strike a compromised. 

Van Putten said that if the mediation process is to yield any success both members of the Island Council as well as the Executive Council must be willing to add water to the wine and to make compromises in reaching an agreement that must serve in the interest of all the people of St. Eustatius. 

The mediation process between the Government Commissioners and Island Council members became necessary following an acrimonious meeting of the island council on December 23, 2021, which led members of the Island Council to table a motion on the floor of the  Council calling for immediate mediation between both parties.

As a result of this, both sides were able to put forward a mediator in the persons of two former Prime Ministers of the Netherlands Antilles namely, Suzie Camelia Romer and Maria Liberia- Pieters. 

“I have every confidence in the track record and experience of both ladies and I am confident that they would be able to bring the parties together, with the ultimate aim in reaching lasting cooperation between the Executive and Island council”, said van Putten

General interest

Van Putten added that he was going to the meetings with what he called an open mind. “After all, it’s not about us; it is about the general interest of the people of St. Eustatius. I am going into these meetings with an open mind but with a clear understanding that we must reach agreements that will serve as an impetuous in working towards the general wellbeing of the people of St. Eustatius”. 

According to Van Putten the whole process towards the restoration of democracy here on St. Eustatius is the main point of contention between the working relationship with members of the Executive and Island Council. 

“It is my view that members of the Island Council are kept in the dark, and that there is not enough transparency and trust between both parties. I hope that after this mediation process, the impasse can be broken where the trust and working relationship can be restored base on mutual respect, understanding and equality”. 


Van Putten concluded by saying that he believed that State Secretary Alexandra Van Huffelen also has an important role to play. “Van Huffelen should expedite the full restoration of democracy in this process going forward in keeping with the wishes as was expressed by the people during the elections for the Island Council in October of 2020”.

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