Van Putten Calls for Urgent meeting on Return to Democracy

Van Putten feels not enough progress is being made with the return to (full) Democracy.

Oranjestad, St. Eusatius- Clyde van Putten on Tuesday sent out a request to the Government Commissioners for an urgent meeting of the Island Council to debate the path forward to restoration of Democracy on the island.

“The main reason for requesting the urgent meeting is a document by the Government Commissioners with a revised shedule on the time line for return to Democracy. I must say that it is worse than the previous shedule”, said Van Putten.

Van Putten also said that he was the view that merely ‘lip service’ was given to this process and there is no serious genuine attempt to expedite the process. “They are blatantly delaying the process in an attempt to hold on to their privalidged position”.

Election result

Van Putten also repeated, as he stated before, that the people of the island had spoken ‘loud and clear’, during last year’s election and that the PLP has a majority to govern the Island. “The result of the election must be respected. I supported a joint document of all Island Council outlining our approach to this end. This document was presented to State Secretary Knops during his last meeting”, added Van Putten.

Van Putten also said that if the Dutch respected Democracy, they should allow the Island Council to resume its full authority. ‘This includes the Budget Right and the right to appoint Commissioners”, Van Putten explained.

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