Van Putten: IC Delegation had Productive Meetings in The Netherlands

IC members Clyde van Putten (l) and Reuben Merkman (r) seen here with Jan Paternotte (m).

The Hague/Oranjestad- Clyde van Putten (PLP) said that the party, as part of a delegation of the Statia Island Council had various productive meetings, during a recent visit to the Netherlands.

“As part of the Island Council delegation we have had various productive meetings with parties and persons of interest, where -in no uncertain terms- we have made our case for the restoration of full democracy on the island”, said Van Putten. According to the senior Council Member, the message conveyed to the various parties was similar to the document handed over to State Secretary Raymond Knops, during his recent visit to the island.

Van Putten repeated that, according to the delegation, there is no justification for a further delay of the full restoration of Democracy. “The people have spoken very clearly during the most recent election and we believe that the process is moving too slow”.

Hidden agenda

Van Putten also stated that he felt the current Executive Council of the island were basically ‘dragging their feet’ in doing what they were told to do to facilitate the process. “We have met various times with the Government Commissioners to come up with a joint timetable.

Some of the parties who the PLP has spoken to are D66 parliamentarian Jorien Wuite, Attje Kuiken from the PvdA party, Paul Rosemoller and Jan Paternotte as chair of the Kingdom Relations Committee.

Van Putten added he felt the time for sitting down and come to a concrete time table had already passed, but that the Island Council remained open to further discussions. “These discussions however need to be serious and concrete”.


According to Van Putten, one thing that has become abundantly clear with he visit to The Netherlands, is that much of the information provided so far to members of the Second and First chamber by the State Secretary and his advisors was pretty ‘one-sided’.

It should be noted that the comments by van Putten on the visit were made before the (surprise) announcement last Friday of the appointment as Alida Francis as the new Government Commissioner, with Claudia Toet as acting Government Commissioner.

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