Various topics discussed in Central Committee meeting Saba

THE BOTTOM, SABA- The Island Council had a Central Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 11 to handle two amendments to the 2022 budget and the 2021 annual report. Various topics were discussed, ranging from agriculture and energy to banking services and the different projects that are in execution.

At the start of the meeting, chaired by Councilman Carl Buncamper, Commissioner of Finance Bruce Zagers explained that the two budget amendments were necessary due to the special purpose grants that the Public Entity Saba received from the Dutch Government to carry out various projects and initiatives. The budget amendments and annual report will be handled in a public meeting of the Island Council on Thursday, October 13. 

Commissioner of Social Affairs, Housing, Agriculture and Sport Rolando Wilson gave an update on some of the developments in his portfolio. He explained that work continued on the new units A, B and C at the Under the Hill housing project with the interior and exterior finishing taking place, and the main road and access road being constructed. 

However, it has proven unfeasible to make the December 2022 deadline of the housing project. Once completed around March next year, 18 families will be able to move in the new homes. The housing foundation OYOHF, together with the social workers are selecting the occupants for the units.

Other topics

Among the other topics discussed were the Saba Package, the situation around the lack of local banking options on the island, the issue of drainage the Cruyff court, and complaints about the School Gym being left dirty after use by outside parties. 

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