Venezuelan Albratros Airlines first airline back on route to Curaçao

The first Albatros Airline planes to return to Curaçao got the traditional Water Salute. Photo: CAP

WILLEMSTAD – On Wednesday, the first flight of the Venezuelan Albatros Airlines was welcomed at Curaçao International Airport.

The flight originated from Las Piedras airport (LSP). According to the airline, flights will resume after a four-year break. Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) is delighted with the return of the Venezuelan airlines.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Albatros Airlines to Curaçao International Airport. As we welcome Albatros Airlines back with this inaugural flight, an important step is being taken to reconnect our countries with age-old ties, Curaçao and Venezuela,” said a message from CAP.

CAP also said they are pleased to work with the entire team and partners such as Albatros Airlines, to provide travelers with an excellent experience.

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