Walter Hellebrand on list of Dutch BBB party

Walter Hellebrand is placed number 49 on BBB’s list and hopes to represent the voters in Caribbean Netherlands. Photo: Walter Hellebrand

KRALENDIJK – Walther Hellebrand is the sole Caribbean regional candidate in the Dutch Second Chamber elections of 22 November. The BBB party has selected Hellebrand for the electoral district of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. 

Statia-born Hellebrand is a historian and was educated on Statia, Curaçao and the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. He is drawn number 49 on the BBB list of candidates for the Caribbean Netherlands and also in Amsterdam. Hellebrand was Monuments Director on St. Eustatius for eleven years until the end of 2021 when he moved to the Netherlands. 

“BBB, the party I joined, is all about local roots and restoring the balance of power between a currently self-centered political system in The Hague and the people where the power really belongs,” says Hellebrand. “It is unthinkable that there is a part of the Kingdom without full democracy, as is the case in Statia. In fact, BBB wants to replace appointed island governors by elected ones on all three islands. Families on Statia, Saba and Bonaire are facing difficult times. Money is disappearing through price hikes. I intend not only to voice concerns about 30,000 Dutch Caribbeans who make up these great Caribbean communities, but also act. At the heart of BBB lies the conviction that the voice of the region needs to be listened to by central government. This includes the regions furthest away from The Hague: Bonaire, Saba and Statia.”

Farmer-Citizen movement

The BBB party is known in English as the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BoerBurgerBeweging) and was founded by agricultural journalist Caroline van der Plas in 2019. Earlier this year, the party scored a landslide victory by winning 17 seats to form the biggest party within the Upper House.

Walter Hellebrand is on Bonaire from the 5th-10th of November, Saba (11-15th) and Statia (16-22nd), where voters can meet with him. They can also visit his facebook page: Walter Hellebrand TweedeKamer.

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