Washington Slagbaai park remains closed after heavy rains

After heavy rainfall this morning in the Nothern part of the island, the Washington Slagbaai park will remain closed at least till Wednesday, April 19. Photo: Stinapa

Kralendijk- Stinapa Management says that after heavy rainfall this morning, the National Park will be closed till at least Wednesday next week. According to Stinapa, the park received 65.3 mm of rain in 3 hours. This caused a lot of damage was done to the roads of the park.

The rangers at the park had to work hard to 41 cars, which were in the park at that moment, to safely leave the park. The Park Manager inspected the roads and the general condition of the Park, after which the conclusion was reached that it would be safer to close the park until at least next Wednesday, April 19th.

Stinapa says that on April 19th the situation will be evaluated again to decided if the closure will be extended. After that, the situation of the roads is going to be reevaluated to decide if this period will be extended or not. Visitors to the Park who have questions or want to receive an updated on the condition of the road, can call on 788-9015.

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