Water and Energy Company Bonaire aims to learn from power outages

KRALENDIJK – The Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB) stated on Wednesday its intention to learn from recent incidents involving partial or complete power failures.

“After fully restoring the electricity supply on the island, the technical teams of WEB and CGB collaborated to determine the cause of this unfortunate event. A thorough investigation is crucial for all parties involved. That’s why WEB and CGB have established a joint investigative committee to analyze this event and make recommendations to ensure the reliability of the energy system,” the utility company stated in a press release. 

The company also acknowledges the critical importance of reliable power delivery to the island. “Learning from these incidents is a priority for us. We are implementing necessary measures to prevent future disruptions and remain committed to providing high-quality energy services, with a focus on the reliability and stability of Bonaire’s power supply.” 

Praise and criticism

There is both praise and criticism on the island towards the utility company, with compliments primarily directed at the staff working day and night to address power outages. However, there is also criticism, especially towards the utility company’s leadership, which promises an investigation with each power outage but rarely follows up with actual explanations of the promised investigation results. After several years with power outages occurring only rarely, there have been frequent and island-wide power failures, particularly since 2023.

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