Work Started on Kaya Carlos Nicolaas/Kaya J.B. Vitte Intersection

Kralendijk- Work has started on what can easily be called the most complex intersection on the island: the cross roads of the Kaya Carlos Nicolaas, Kaya J.B. Vitte and the connection to the Kaya Gobernador Debrot.

The traffic situation is extra complex as the entrance to Napa’s parking lot is located nearly on the same intersection.

This week the work has started with the clousure of the Kaya J.B. Vitte. The work will be executed by BWM. As part of the project a new (and hopefully less confusing) new intersection will be constructed.

The reconstruction of the Kaya Carlos Nicolaas is one of the areas of attention in a broader plan to improve the road network on the island.

The situation sketch provides an overview of the current project. Indicated in red is the intersection now being remodeled. Photo: BWM
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