Young footballers in Bonaire receive certificate from PSV football club

KRALENDIJK – About 250 young footballers aged 6 to 15 have received a certificate from PSV football club for their participation in a training program. From June 19 to 30, the children were trained by four coaches from PSV Soccer Schools in four different neighborhoods in Bonaire. The program was set up in close collaboration with the Instituto Deportivo Boneriano (Bonaire Sports Institute), Indebon, and PSV.

The trainers were impressed by the children’s enthusiastic participation. “It was a great experience. We are pleased to have shared our knowledge, and that we could contribute to the development of football talent in Bonaire,” said Vincent Blancke, U12 coach and technical coordinator of PSV International.

Deputy James Kroon reflects with satisfaction, “I think it’s fantastic that our youth have had this unique opportunity to learn from professional youth coaches of PSV. And I am glad that so many young people have taken advantage of this opportunity.” Terrence de Jongh, head of Indebon, emphasizes the importance of the training. “The children who participated are now even more motivated to further develop themselves as footballers. They are our future, and the collaboration with PSV means a lot to us.

The training is part of a collaboration agreement that the Public Body of Bonaire (OLB) concluded with PSV in 2022. The two parties work together in areas such as social affairs and football. The training conducted last June is an example of this. Following the success of the training in Bonaire, they are now exploring how PSV and the Public Body of Bonaire (OLB) can further collaborate in the social sphere.

Dutch Trade Mission

PSV and the OLB also cooperate in the economic field. For instance, a Dutch trade mission is set to visit Bonaire in November of this year. Local businesses will then have the opportunity to connect with Dutch companies and exchange knowledge. It is also possible that, after this introduction, they will collaborate with Dutch businesses and partners of PSV.

This form of collaboration aligns with the administration’s aim to achieve sustainable economic development for Bonaire, and to establish an economy based on various pillars. The intention is to be less dependent on tourism in the future

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