Young Statians learn how to make wooden spinning top

Facilitator Julian Bass with workshop participants
The participants busy with their tops, supervised by Julian Bass

ST. EUSTATIUS – During an eight-hour workshop spread across four days, seven Statian youngsters ages 9-17 learned how to make and spin the traditional wooden top. Mystica & Xiomara – Care & Consultancy Services organized the workshop, led by a skilled local carpenter, Julian Bass. 

The youngers were taught how to select and retrieve the material needed from locally grown trees in preparation for the top-making process and how to carve and form the material into the shape of a spinning top. They learned first-hand which tools to use to create their top and how to use them to their advantage. 

The workshop’s objectives were to pass on a piece of cultural heritage worth preserving, to create a safe community space for self- expression and creativity, and to teach the importance of perseverance when things seem difficult, which in turn fosters a positive self-image. 

On completion of their tops, the participants were taught the string wrapping and hand-and-arm techniques associated with spinning a top successfully. 

At the end of the training, each participant received a certificate of completion along with their individually made wooden top.

Persons interested in participating in an upcoming top-making workshop may call or send a WhatsApp message to tel +17215506033 or +5993181508, or an email to for further information. 

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