Youth Enterprise Program (YEP) successfully launched in The Hague

THE HAGUE – The Youth Enterprise Program (YEP), which was successfully launched in Bonaire in February, made its debut in The Hague at the end of September. This initiative, led by the WeConnect Foundation and the public entity Bonaire, was established by four Caribbean youths. The aim is to encourage and inform young people from Bonaire about entrepreneurship and the opportunities on their island.

The program offers various workshops, both in Bonaire and in the Netherlands, covering topics such as financial skills, goals, and prosperity. Co-founder and Bonairian, Paul David Romo, emphasizes the importance of a collective approach to entrepreneurship, under the motto ‘collaboration over competition.’

The funding for YEP comes from the public entity Bonaire. Deputy Jolinda Craane recognizes its value: “With the growth of Bonaire, the expertise of young Bonairians is essential. We hope that YEP motivates them to stay involved.” The program will continue to evolve with more workshops and an expanded website that will also feature job vacancies and entrepreneurial tips. Romo indicates that the emphasis remains on creating more economic prosperity, with youth playing a crucial role.

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