ZJCN will continue to work with BonLab for the time being

ZJCN will continue to work with BonLab for the time being

KRALENDIJK-Care and Youth Caribbean Netherlands (ZJCN) will continue to use the services of BonLab after January 1, 2022. This was decided after the ZJCN management had consulted with the Executive Council of the public body Bonaire.

As a shareholder, the Executive Council entered into consultations with the leadership of ZJCN after ZJCN sent a letter to Bonlab. In the letter, ZJCN indicated that it would stop taking outpatient laboratory research at BonLab as of 1 January. That is no longer the case. After the consultation, ZCJN has decided to withdraw the letter sent to BonLab last month.


Both parties, Government and ZJCN, see the importance of a clear process that is well coordinated with all parties involved. More time is needed for this. It has been agreed that the letter from ZJCN dated October 21, 2021 to BonLab will be rectracted. ZJCN will send a new letter providing clarity about the procedure and a new time frame. 

This will be discussed in advance with the Executive Council.

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