New Saba Package signed by Van Huffelen and Government of Saba

State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen and commissioner Bruce Zagers signing the latest version of the Saba Package. Photo: RCN

THE BOTTOM- State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen and the Executive Council of Saba earlier this week have signed a new package of measures for the island, often addressed as the ‘Saba Package’. 

The plan identifies key priorities, including community well-being, economic diversification, climate resilience, and good governance. The agreement also underscores a commitment to streamlining services, reducing bureaucratic hurdles, and addressing societal challenges such as substance abuse. It also charts a course for sustainable economic growth, with strategic plans, improved funding access, and digitalization initiatives. 


Climate change resilience takes center stage, with a commitment to increase Saba’s renewable energy share. Furthermore, a focus on good governance involves strengthening administrative capacities and investing in the younger generation through career exploration opportunities. 


The agreement stands as a testament to collaborative efforts by The Netherlands and Saba that promise positive transformation and a more resilient future for the island and its residents.

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